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Qualitative research for Giefu 

A mobile app to help user gain the customized gift-giving experience

Project Overview

The objective of this UX project is to create an innovative gift-giving application called "Giefu" that offers users a personalized and tailored gift-giving experience. The app aims to address the issue of limited gift-giving options on existing e-commerce platforms and assist users in finding the most suitable gift for their loved ones. This project serves as my entry point into the realm of user experience design, where I aim to hone my skills and expertise in delivering a seamless and intuitive digital experience for the users of the Giefu app.


The gift-giving e-commerce market faces the challenge of providing a personalized and unique gift-giving experience to users. While there are many gift-giving apps available, users still feel that there is room for improvement.

Research type

Qualitative research


UX researcher




Card sorting 


Research goal

The goal of this user research is to analyze the current landscape of the gift-giving e-commerce market, identify potential user groups, and understand their needs and pain points in order to develop a gift-giving app that addresses their specific needs and preferences.

Research design 

Research Plan

Explain the research plan at the beginning stage of the Giefu

Data collection

Secondary research

Primary research

Data analysis

Affinity mapping

Card sorting


User Journey


Research summay

Secondary research

The objective of this secondary research is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the gift-giving e-commerce market by analyzing the standard functions of existing gift-giving apps. Through summarizing the common features and conducting heuristic analysis, this research aims to provide insights into the current market situation and clarify the scope of the primary research. Ultimately, the findings will inform the next steps in developing a gift-giving app that addresses the needs and preferences of target user groups.


1.Based on the existing market research, it has been identified that people prefer to give gifts during certain festive occasions. Additionally, there are three main channels through which individuals tend to select gifts: mainstream shopping websites, gift suggestion websites, and gift suggestion applications.

2.Through heuristic analysis of competitors' websites, I have identified four common functions that are essential to gift-giving apps: pre-screening questions to the gift receiver, gift generator, collection page, and purchase page.

Valentine’s Day


Mother’s Day
Winter holidays
Baby showers
New home 
Father’s Day
Common function
  • Pre-screening questions to the gift receiver

  • Gift generator

  • Collection page

  • Purchase page

Primary research

Based on the secondary research result, I evaluated several gift-giving apps on the market. Then to gain better insights into users, I did the screening survey to call for potential interviewees. During the interview process, I interviewed 5 people successfully and collected their data on gift giving.

Findings from screening survey 

  1. Many people typically exchange gifts during holidays and special occasions, following the common practice.

  2. As people become more familiar with E-commerce platforms, some of them may express an interest in exploring new platforms to try out different experiences.

  3. Many people provide feedback that the accessibility of the platforms they are using could be improved, suggesting areas where enhancements could be made to enhance user experience.

Primary research-Interview

  1. During the interview process, I interviewed 5 people successfully and collected their data on gift giving.

  2. The interview questions include their demographic information, gift-giving experience, preferences, and application experience on the gifts.

business-interview (1).png

Data Analysis

After getting user's data, how should I better analyze the data and get the insights from it. In the data analysis part ,  I applied the following tools to help me with the findings.

  • Card sorting 

  • Affinity map 

  • Persona 

  • HMW

  • User journey map 

  1. Users are generally satisfied with gift-giving experiences.

  2. Users want personalized gift options and struggle with gift ideas.

  3. Users desire a notepad function to track gift ideas.

  4. Convenient access to purchase is important to users.

After conducting card sorting and affinity mapping to analyze the data, I have gathered the following insights:





Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 2.31.58 PM.png

Based on the insights gathered, two distinct personas were identified: the Experimental User, who values unique and creative gift options, and the Practical User, who seeks practical and functional gifts.


Practical user Jason 

image (1).png

Experimental user Lynn 

To better understand the user's decision phrase, I also made the user journey map to walk through the user's decision steps.

User journey map based on Lynn 

How might we...

After the synthesis process, now the question of this project is clear:

  • How might we help people to get the gift inspiration?

  • How might we help users to have a personalized gift experience?

  • How might we help users to track their gift ideas?

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