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My internship journey map

My experiences in multiple industries have honed my business acumen and facilitated a swift immersion into the business world.

One-Firm Service

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Shenzhen 2019

During my internship at PwC, I conducted market research to understand clients' business needs and assisted a senior manager in delivering a training program to 50 clients in Hong Kong, resulting in increased client engagement. I also contributed to marketing collateral creation and production in both English and Mandarin Chinese, gaining experience in understanding clients' needs and effectively communicating in multiple languages.

TAP specialist Intern
Reed Exhibitions

Beijing 2020.04

As an intern at Reed Expo Group, I had the opportunity to interact with over 500 international enterprises from our customer database in 2019. I successfully attracted 100 of them to participate in SinoCorrugated 2020, a virtual trade show. To enhance the trade show experience for the 100+ exhibitors, I offered a suite of services that helped them close an additional 10 sales during the event. I also collected a large volume of data from 300 exhibitors and conducted pre- and post-trade show analyses to better understand our clients' needs. languages.

Digital media Intern

Beijing 2020.09

As an intern at Netease, I conducted regular performance reviews of influencer marketing campaigns, calculated digital marketing ROI, and measured key metrics such as reach, engagement, authenticity, and sales. I compiled a list of top 60 social media influencers across major industries based on these reviews and competitor analysis. I also managed content assets of the WeChat Official Account, generating and scheduling 10 posts that increased views from 1k to 10k each, resulting in a growth of 10k daily active users in 3 months. My experience at Netease provided me with valuable insights into understanding clients' needs and delivering results.

Public relationship Intern

Beijing 2021.03

During my internship at Ogilvy Intel PR team, I was responsible for delivering over 20 news and feature articles in bilingual format. I also prepared monthly reports on PR performance and efficiency. Additionally, I participated in the decision-making process for site selection of a media event in Shanghai, performing location analysis based on target audience, budget, and Intel brand marketing preferences. I provided on-site support for 3 media and communications conferences, prepared press releases and story resources for media attendees, and ensured necessary infrastructure was in place. I also contributed to the Media Research Sharing presentation by analyzing differences between popular social media sites for Intel and related media coverage in 3 slides.

Advocacy and communication Intern
Chandler Foundation

Arlington, VA 2022.07

During my internship at Chandler Foundation, an NGO focused on the global south, I contributed to the foundation publication Social Investor by assisting with internal communication among the design team, contributors, and writers. I also supported relevant background research and compiled it into articles. Additionally, I conducted information research on over 300 contacts and managed network contacts. I prepared an editorial calendar to promote the newest publication on social media, drafting and editing posts on LinkedIn and Twitter. I also collected and organized weekly reports on our networks to follow up on their updates.

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